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Toe pressure, Ankle pressure, ABI/TBI

Toe and ankle pressures, as well as calculations of toe/ankle-brachial index are commonly used to assess vascular status in patients with suspected peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Toe pressures are particularly important in patients showing falsely high ankle pressures due to calcified vessels.

" Due to the possibility of a falsely elevated ABI, the importance of toe pressures
and tcpO2 measurements cannot be underestimated."

The PeriFlux System 5000 or the PeriFlux 6000 offer easy-to-use solutions for peripheral pressure measurements based on laser Doppler technology. Laser Doppler has proven to be a sensitive method for detection and does not require pulsatility as other techniques such as photoplethysmography do.1 Many patients with low pressures lack pulsatility and may be difficult to diagnose.


  • Laser Doppler is more sensitive than photoplethysmography in the low pressure range 1
  • Number of sites measured simultaneously is flexible and expandable
  • Local heating solution for cold feet 


Procedure step-by-step:

  1. Attach cuffs and laser Doppler probes 
  2. Perform measurements
  3. Automatic report generation


Brochure peripheral pressures Brochure peripheral pressures

1. The Usefulness of a laser Doppler in the measurement of toe blood pressures. Graaf et al J Vascular Surg 2000;32:1172-9