Awarded research project Next Generation ImmunoDermatology

Awarded research project

Next Generation ImmunoDermatology:

Towards Biomarker-driven Dermatology practice in the Netherlands

Perimed world-leading in instruments for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of (micro-) vascular (dys-) function is proud to be a part of The Next Generation Immunodermatology (NGID) consortium based in the Netherlands which will run over 6 years.

Since cutaneous microcirculation is very important for proper functioning of the skin, monitoring the microcirculation is crucial in assessment of skin disease. We believe that our state of the art microcirculation imager, as well as our expertise on microcirculation and tissue optics, will be a valuable addition to this project. Moreover, the scientific knowledge produced by this project will help us to further perfect our products.

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has, within the framework of Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC), awarded the research project Next Generation Immuno-Dermatology (NGID) with a prestigious grant of 11.7 MEuro. NGID is a nationwide, large-scale project to unravel novel biomarkers for six different skin diseases. These biomarkers will drive a high-tech, patient-centric approach in clinical practice.

In the Netherlands over 2.5 million patients suffer from chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Although not life-threatening, the personal impact and socio-economic costs of these chronic conditions are very high. The biggest problem is that many treatments are not suited for every patient and often do not work.

NGID will tackle this problem and will develop the right care for the right patient at the right time. Within this 6-year project six inflammatory skin diseases will be investigated in ultra-high detail. For this approach, a unique, international consortium consisting of scientific institutes, universities, high-tech companies, hospitals, patient associations and (bio)pharmaceutical industry has been setup. Dermatologists from all Dutch University Medical Centers will be connected to biologists, bio-informaticians, statisticians, behavioural scientists, communication researchers and of course to the patient. By means of a new data analysis and integration approach, NGID will make patient-specific fingerprints that will guide the best care for the individual patient in the future.

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