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Cuffs and Fixation Rings

A Cuff for Every Purpose

To achieve accurate blood pressure measurements, it is important to occlude the blood flow completely and in a controlled manner. Because both width and length of digits and limbs vary, it is necessary to utilize different cuffs for different patients. Perimed supplies a wide range of pressure cuffs suitable for arm-, ankle- and toe-pressure measurements on most patients.

Perimeds pressure cuffs are equipped with bayonette fittings. If your system has pressure tubes featuring Luer connections the Cuff Adapter Kit for PF 5000 (Luer to Bayonet) is needed for all pressure tube outlets.

New Bayonet Connectors

Old part number and name
New part number and name
93-00066 UDCXXS Rat Tail Cuff (1×5 cm) 93-00234 Digit Cuff (XS) 1 cm
93-00067 UDC 1.6 Digit Cuff 1.6×9 cm 93-00235 Digit Cuff (S) 1.6 cm
93-00068 UDC 1.9 Digit Cuff 1.9×9 cm 93-00236 Digit Cuff (M) 1.9 cm
93-00069 UDC 2.5 Digit Cuff 2.5×9 cm 93-00237 Short Digit Cuff (L) 2.5 cm
93-00070 UPC 2.5 Penile Cuff 2.5×12 cm 93-00238 Digit Cuff (L) 2.5 cm
93-00217 UPC 2.5 Penile cuff 2.5×14 cm 93-00239 Long Digit Cuff (L) 2.5 cm
93-00071 UPC3.3 Penile Cuff (3.3×12 cm) 93-00240 Digit Cuff (XL) 3.3 cm
93-00061 TMC7 Transmetat Cuff 7.5×40 cm 93-00241 Transmet Cuff 7 cm
93-00062 SC10 Segmental Cuff 11×85 cm 93-00242 Limb Cuff (S) 10 cm
93-00063 SC12 Segmental Cuff 13×85 cm 93-00243 Limb Cuff (M) 12 cm
93-00229 SC12L Segmental Cuff 13×124 cm 93-00244 Long Limb Cuff (M) 12 cm
93-00106 CC17 Contured Cuff 18×108 cm 93-00245 Thigh Cuff (M) 17 cm
93-00107 CC22 Contured Cuff 24×122.5 cm 93-00246 Thigh Cuff (L) 22 cm
93-00250 Cuff Adapter Kit for PF 5000 (Luer to Bayonet)
93-00186 PF 6051 Pressure Accessory Kit

Pressure hose kit

Complete hose kit for every application. Arm-, ankle- and toe-pressure measurements with adequate lengths and color markings for increased usability and patient safety.


TC 550 / TC 555 Fixation Rings

Perimed has developed fixation rings to facilitate the attachment of E5250 (tcpO2) and E5280 (tcpO2/pCO2) electrodes to the skin when monitoring transcutaneous oxygen/carbon dioxide. The rings have a small base diameter allowing for fixation to fingers, toes or other curvatures without risking leakage problems. TC 555 Fixation Ring Extra Strength has a special glue for better adhesion on patients with “problematic” skin. Fixation rings are delivered in kits together with TC 560 Contact Liquid.

Part number Product name
90-00037 TC 550 Fixation Ring for tcpO2 (50 pcs) and TC 560 Contact Liquid (20 ml)
90-00042 TC 550 Fixation Ring for tcpO2 (2 x 50 pcs) and TC 560 Contact Liquid (2 x 20 ml)
90-00054 TC 555 Fixation Ring for tcpO2 – Extra Strength Adhesive (50 pcs) and TC 560 Contact Liquid (20 ml)
90-00036 TC 560 Contact Liquid (20 ml)

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