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PeriFlux 6000 Combined System

PeriFlux 6000 Combined System

Flap Monitoring

Early signs of impaired circulation can be detected by monitoring the blood perfusion in replants and flaps using the laser Doppler technique. This information can help to prevent loss of the replant.

The PeriFlux System 5000/6000 equipped with dedicated probes can monitor blood perfusion in buried, oral and superficial flaps in a simple and straightforward manner. The system uses laser Doppler technology which will also reflect pulsatility and vasomotion. Lack of pulsatility and vasomotion are signs of a failing flap.

The choice of laser Doppler probe for monitoring the blood perfusion depends on the characteristics of the flap.

Commonly used probes:

  • PROBE 404 Suturable Angled Probe
  • PROBE 407 Small Straight Probe
  • PROBE 426 Bone Probe

Blood perfusion in a free flap monitored for 16 hours after surgery

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