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Gastrointestinal perfusion measurements

Microcirculatory blood perfusion measurements in the gastrointestinal tract can be performed with either PeriFlux System 5000 or PeriCam PSI System. For example, the mucosal blood perfusion can be monitored using the PeriFlux System 5000 equipped with PROBE 409. In this set-up the probe is inserted via the biopsy channel in an endoscope. Blood perfusion can also be investigated using the PeriCam PSI System in a region, for example the area surrounding an anastomosis in the colon.

The PeriFlux System 5000 is not available within the EU and the EEA.

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Perimed has extensive experience from material and engineering of high quality laser Doppler probes for both research and clinical purposes. Contact us if you cannot find a probe for your specific needs.

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Improving quality of life since 1981

Perimed AB, established in 1981, provides instruments, software and expertise to enable assessment of the microcirculation. We utilize laser Doppler, laser speckle (LASCA) and transcutaneous oxygen (tcpO2 or TCOM), to accurately monitor and quantify blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation in real-time. Our modular PeriFlux System 5000 and PeriFlux 6000, the latest generation of our PeriFlux System, are excellent choices for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) or for assessing wound healing potential in your vascular patients. Our blood perfusion imager PeriCam PSI System allows you to investigate spatial distribution, for example during cortical spreading depression.