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Ischemic hind limb

Human vessels can remodel as a response to different stimuli. The underlying processes are thought to be angiogenesis (proliferation of capillaries) and arteriogenesis (enlargement of preexisting arterioles). Understanding these could potentially result in better treatment options for patients suffering from clinical conditions characterized by insufficient blood supply (e.g. peripheral arterial disease). For this purpose, many researchers use the ischemic hind-limb model, an animal model in which ischemia is produced by femoral artery ligation.

Application Note Hindlimb Ischemia

PeriCam PSI

The PeriCam PSI allows for in detail blood perfusion measurements of legs and/or paws of both mice and rats making it ideal for ischemic hind limb model analysis.

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Perimed AB, established in 1981, provides instruments, software and expertise to enable assessment of the microcirculation. We utilize laser Doppler, laser speckle (LASCA) and transcutaneous oxygen (tcpO2 or TCOM), to accurately monitor and quantify blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation in real-time. Our modular PeriFlux System 5000 and PeriFlux 6000, the latest generation of our PeriFlux System, are excellent choices for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) or for assessing wound healing potential in your vascular patients. Our blood perfusion imager PeriCam PSI System allows you to investigate spatial distribution, for example during cortical spreading depression.