Perimed helps combating Covid 19 complications

Discover how Perimed can help combat Covid 19 complications in the clinic with the advanced instrument PeriFlux 6000. The PeriFlux 6000 is showing the strong link between microvascular endothelial dysfunction and Covid-19 severity by measuring with its laser doppler flowmetry and local thermal
heating technology.

Letícia Sabioni et al, Systemic microvascular endothelial dysfunction and disease severity in COVID-19 patients: Evaluation by laser Doppler perfusion monitoring and cytokine/chemokine analysis, Microvasc. Res. 134 (2021),104119.

Leticia R Sabioni et al, Systemic microvascular dysfunction in COVID-19, Am J Cardiovasc Dis 2020;10(4):386-391

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