Toe Pressure or Toe Brachial Pressure Index (TBI)

Toe pressures have proven to be an accurate option for the diagnosis of PAD in patients at risk for falsely elevated ankle-brachial index (ABI) values. The digital vessels are usually not affected by calcifications. The procedure is similar to an ABI test but requires small cuffs and a sensitive probe.

Perimed equipment uses the highest quality laser Doppler technique for detection combined with a unique local heating feature to assure reliable and reproducible results.

  • Toe pressures give an accurate perfusion assessment in patients where ABI values are unreliable due to arterial calcification.
  • Occlusions below the level of the ankle can be detected with toe pressure.
  • The small vessels in the toes are sensitive to cold ambient temperature that can lead to vasoconstriction; hence the importance of controlling the temperature of the toes.

Toe pressure

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