PeriFlux 6000


  • Complete assessment of the limb circulation
  • Time saving
  • Adapt examination to patient

We have listened to the needs of vascular surgeons worldwide and have created the only solution that combines all tests recommended for a WIfI classification.

The core of our unique PeriFlux 6000 is the combination of transcutaneous oxygen (tcpO2), ankle-brachial index (ABI), pulse volume recording (PVR) and toe pressure tests in one instrument, one software and one elegant report. Seamless integration allows you to easily run these tests in parallel to save time and improve the diagnosis of complex patients.

A high-quality diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), critical limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) and assessment of wound healing potential in complex patients requires looking at both the microcirculation as well as the macrovascular circulation.

PeriFlux 6000 Combined All non invasive vascular tests with only one instrument

The PeriFlux 6000 offers:

  • ­The market’s most sensitive toe pressures with our heated laser Doppler probes.
  • ­tcpO2 with the gold standard Clark-type electrode.
  • ­­Easy, fast and accurate bilateral ABI with our laser Doppler probes (no need to use ultra sound)
  • ­Automatic report in which a photo can be included for documentation.

And all the other benefits of our PeriFlux 6000 tcpO2 and PeriFlux 6000 Pressure.

Reimbursement for our customers in the US

For our instruments tcpO2 standalone, PeriFlux 6000 tcpO2 and PeriFlux 6000 Combined you can use the CPT codes 93922, 93923 or 93924.

Useful links for CPT codes and related information:

American Medical Association (AMA) website.

AMA newsletter to keep up with the latest on CPT codes. The reimbursement amounts are updated once a year and vary depending on the state.

Updated information on the transition from ICD-09 to ICD-10. Read more.

The CPT codes for our instruments are either 93922, 93923 or 93924. You can find the exact reimbursement amount for your state here.

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