PeriFlux 5000


PeriFlux 5000 tcpO2 – For research purpose only

Transcutaneous Oxygen (tcpO2/TCOM) Monitor

PeriFlux System 5000 offers the possibility to monitor transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide using Clark-type electrodes. Remote panel systems are available to facilitate use in hyperbaric chambers.

PSW ExM application software

PeriFlux System 5000 is operated using the PSW ExM application software installed on a PC or laptop. PSW ExM provides clear instructions on the screen to guide the user through the examination. The results are summarized in an extensive report at the end of the test. A Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) compatible version of PSW ExM is available.

The PSW ExM application software for PeriFlux System 5000 can only be upgraded up to the PSW ExM version 5.2.

Up to four channels per unit

The main unit can be equipped with up to four channels of tcpO2/tcpCO2. Each channel is used together with one Clark-type electrode (for tcpO2 only) or one combined pO2/pCO2 sensor (for tcpO2/tcpCO2). Several main units can be connected to expand the number of channels.

Expand with other peripheral pressure tests

PeriFlux System 5000 is a modular system that can be further expanded to include other techniques for diagnosing the peripheral circulation, such as peripheral pressures (toe/ankle pressures), skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and pulse volume recording (PVR). This will provide you with a complete solution for vascular assessments, all in one instrument.

Reimbursement for our customers in the US

For our instruments PeriFlux 5000 tcpO2 and PeriFlux 5000 Combined you can use the CPT codes 93922, 93923 or 93924.

Useful links for CPT codes and related information:

American Medical Association (AMA) website.

AMA newsletter to keep up with the latest on CPT codes. The reimbursement amounts are updated once a year and vary depending on the state.

Updated information on the transition from ICD-09 to ICD-10. Read more.

The CPT codes for our instruments are either 93922, 93923 or 93924. You can find the exact reimbursement amount for your state here.

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