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Flap monitoringPeriFlux System 5000

  • Monitor blood circulation in real-time
  • Range of probes for different flaps
  • Sensitive laser Doppler technique

The PeriFlux System 5000 is not available within the EU and the EEA.

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Flap and organ monitoring

By monitoring the blood perfusion in replants and flaps, early signs of impaired circulation can be detected. This information can help to prevent loss of the replant.The PeriFlux System 5000 equipped with dedicated probes can monitor the blood perfusion in buried, oral and superficial flaps. The system uses laser Doppler technology which will also reflects pulsatility and vasomotion in the flap. Lack of pulsatility and vasomotion are signs of a failing flap. In addition, alarms and baseline values may be set in the dedicated PeriSoft for Windows software.

The choice of laser Doppler probe for monitoring the blood perfusion in a flap depends on the characteristics of the flap. Below are three commonly used probes that can be used together with the PeriFlux System 5000.

Probe 404 attached with Tacosil on transplanted kidney

PROBE 404 Suturable Angled Probe

The probe 404 is the best choice for monitoring buried flaps or flaps inside the oral cavity. Its flat shape without any protruding parts makes it easy to remove when used for buried flaps. The probe is sutured to the flap using holes at the rim of the probe head.

Probe 407 sutured to groin flap on arm for flap monitoring

PROBE 407 Small Straight Probe

Probe 407 offers a simple and straightforward solution for monitoring superficial flaps. The probe is small and flexible in its design making it easy to fix to the skin using double-sided adhesive tape and a miniholder. Miniholders with pre-drilled holes are available if suturing is necessary.

Blood perfusion imaging

There is also a possibility to visualize a larger area of the flap by using a blood perfusion imager such as the PeriCam PSI System based on LAser Speckle Contrast Analysis (LASCA) technology (laser speckle). This technique offers the possibility to combine dynamics and spatial resolution.

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Improving quality of life since 1981

Perimed AB, established in 1981, provides instruments, software and expertise to enable assessment of the microcirculation. We utilize laser Doppler, laser speckle (LASCA) and transcutaneous oxygen (tcpO2 or TCOM), to accurately monitor and quantify blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation in real-time. Our modular PeriFlux System 5000 and PeriFlux 6000, the latest generation of our PeriFlux System, are excellent choices for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) or for assessing wound healing potential in your vascular patients. Our blood perfusion imager PeriCam PSI System allows you to investigate spatial distribution, for example during cortical spreading depression.