Wound Healing Assessment

Predicting wound healing is an essential step in the management of ischemic ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. It is estimated that early detection and appropriate treatments may prevent up to 85% of amputations.
A wound’s likelihood of healing is based on three different parameters, namely the size of the wound, the level of ischemia and the grade of infection. This is summarized in the WIfI classification.

When assessing the ischemia, it is important to look at both the large vessels of the macrocirculation as well as the small capillaries in the microcirculation.

  • Early detection is the best way to prevent amputation.
  • Ischemia is an important part of wound healing, but also wound size and infection play a key role.
  • A good assessment of ischemia includes tests for both the macro- and microcirculation.

WIFI classification

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