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PeriCam PSI –
Even better ways to
study microcirculation 

Perimed was the first company to commercialize laser-based microcirculation imaging and has over the last 40 years been the world leader in perfecting those techniques. We are excited to announce the launch of the new PeriCam PSI!

PeriCam PSI System is a blood perfusion imager based on the laser speckle contrast analysis (LASCA) technology, a method that visualizes tissue blood perfusion in real time. PeriCam PSI System combines dynamic response and high spatial resolution in one instrument, providing both real-time graphs and video recordings of the tissue being studied.

PeriCam PSI System is available in two versions:

The PeriCam PSI NR and HR can now be upgraded with zoom functionality. This brings together the best of two worlds: even higher resolution to capture the smallest details when necessary and more flexibility in working distance and measurement area due to the fast motorized optical zoom. If you want full control and versatility, this is the best choice.

New features:

  • 5 million pixels –
    more than twice the amount of full HD TV
  • Max resolution at 20 x 20 mm area 10 µm/pixel
  • Zoom functionality with more flexibility
  • Continuous real time auto-focus
  • Fast USB 3 interface
  • Strong protection against background and reflected light
  • New grid function and on-screen zoom
  • Measure in intervals with predefined pauses
  • Define up to 6 colors for custom intervals
  • Flexible analysis with ROI mirroring and linear gradients

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