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PeriCam PSI NR

PeriCam PSI NR


In dermatology, the laser perfusion imaging system (PSI) is the perfect, noninvasive tool to assess skin blood flow. The system makes it possible to measure the microvascularization of a skin area, study the inflammation and follow the inflammation through the duration, especially after vasoactive drugs or allergenic substance or patch testing. It can be used, for example, to assess the burns to evaluate and measure tissue involvement, as well as to assess viability of a skin flap.

In cosmetic fields, it is now very easy to evaluate the skin response after applying drugs or other products dedicated for application on the skin. Because the PSI is very sensitive, even small vasodilatations or vasoconstrictions can be seen. When fast responses are induced on the skin the PSI allows you to follow the kinetics of the response at a rate of up to 90 frames per second.

Dermatology - assess blood flow using PSI

Hyperemia caused by cream applied to right cheek

Dermatology - Forearm hyperemia

Hyperemia with flare caused by cream applied-to forearm

PSI1PeriCam PSI Burns. (2020, June 23). Retrieved November 27, 2020, from allows you to compare in real time the effect of a drug on two or more points on the skin. For example, a reference area can be compared with another treated area, like l’Oréal has done in their study “Exploring the microcirculation of the human lips by a new laser technology (LASCA)”. In dermatology, the PSI can be used with the iontophoresis technique to study the endothelial function.

Measuring the skin perfusion in wound healing is also useful. Leg ulcers and wounds can be monitored easily and without physical contact.
The PSI is also useful in tumor growth and tumor neo-vascularization research as malignant skin tumors have higher perfusion than benign nevus and basal cell carcinomas.


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