Listen to the podcast and
learn more about “Noninvasive
foot perfusion assessment”
with Professor Pirkka Vikatmaa,
Helsinki University Hospital.

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Watch Perimed’s presentation
at the American Burns
Association conference:
Demonstrating Perimed’s
imaging technology for
early prediction of burn
wound healing potential.

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“Our vision is to provide instruments for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of all patients with ischemia to
save limbs, lives, costs and
reduce human suffering.”

“We have more than 40 years of experience and unique competence in camera optics, fiber optics, lasers, as well as tissue optics and mircocirculation, making Perimed a world leader in assessing and monitoring microcirculation and peripheral macrocirculation.”

Björn BakkenPresident and CEO

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Prof. Pirkka Vikatmaa
Helsinki University Hospital
PeriFlux 6000 Combined System
Distal vascular assessment

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