Iontophoresis is a technique to transport charged molecules or drugs across a tissue barrier. Combined with the laser Doppler or laser speckle techniques, iontophoresis is a valuable tool for diagnosis and studying endothelial dysfunction.

The perfusion can be measured by laser Doppler using a specialized delivery electrode with integrated laser Doppler probe or a laser speckle contrast imager, using a transparent delivery electrode for use with the imager.

Iontophoresis is a technique that can be used to transport drugs in ionic form across intact skin. Depending on the chosen drug, this may or may not affect the local blood perfusion. The technique is based on the principle that an electric potential will cause ions in a solution to migrate according to their electrical charges.

PeriIont Micro Pharmacology System is an iontophoresis system that can deliver minute volumes of drugs noninvasively in a controlled manner. Together with the laser Doppler or the laser speckle contrast analysis (LASCA) technique, the vascular responses to the drug can be studied while it is being delivered. PeriIont Micro Pharmacology System is a useful system for studying endothelial dysfunction, and it is available for PeriFlux 6000 and PeriCam PSI.

Features PeriFlux System 6000 Features PeriCam PSI NR
Single-point monitoring. Imaging of larger area.
Low volumes of drug solution needed. Transparent drug delivery chamber.
Standardized skin temperature during experiment. Calculation of flare statistics.


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