PeriIont for Imaging

PeriIont Micropharmacology System

PeriIont Micro Pharmacology System is an iontophoresis system that can deliver minute volumes of drugs non-invasively in a controlled manner. It is a versatile accessory to study microcirculatory responses to non-invasively delivered drugs. The system is offered as a complete kit with everything you need to start the measurements.

PeriIont for Imagers

The only consumables required for PeriIont Micro Pharmacology System are drug delivery electrodes and dispersive electrodes. Each iontophoresis test requires one drug delivery electrode (LI 611 Drug Delivery Electrode) together with one counter-electrode (PF 384 Dispersive Electrode).

Features PeriFlux System 5000/6000 Features PeriCam PSI NR1PeriCam PSI Burns. (2020, June 23). Retrieved December 22, 2020, from
Single-point monitoring. Imaging of larger area.
Low volumes of drug solution needed. Transparent drug delivery chamber.
Standardized skin temperature during experiment. Calculation of flare statistics.


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