Calibration Devices

PF 1000 Calibration Device

The Motility Standard included in the PF 1000 Calibration Device is used to calibrate all Perimed laser Doppler probes. It is a colloidal suspension of polystyrene particles. Brownian motion of these particles provides a standardized perfusion value.

For best practice, calibration should be checked at a minimum every month. In addition, calibration should be done when a new probe is attached or prior to sending probes for sterilization. It is especially important to calibrate if the measuring range is low. For example, when measuring on teeth, a displaced ZERO could be very misleading, as the range can be 0 – 10 PU.

Part number
Product name
93-00007 PF 1000 Calibration Device
93-00008 PF 1001 Refill Motility Standard

Calbox and Calbox lid for PSI & PIM 3

The calibration box supplied with the PeriScan PIM 3 System and PeriCam PSI System is a tool to verify that the instrument is consistent and gives reliable measurement data. Different calibration boxes are used for respective instrument types, but the same lid can be used. The recommendation is to perform the verification once a week and save the values in a file.

Part number
Product name
93-00098 LI 722 Calbox for PSI NR, excluding lid
41-00336 LI 723 Calbox for PSI HR, excluding lid
90-00041 LI 720B (replacement for LI 720) CalBox for PIM 3, excluding lid
90-00039 LI 721 Calbox Lid for PSI NR, PSI HR, PIM 3

TC 600 Calibration Unit

The tcpCO2 electrode is calibrated using Gas Mixture Calibration Standard for TC (Calibration Gas) and TC 600 Calibration Unit.

Atmospheric air is used to calibrate the tcpO2 electrode. However, if the oxygen contents of the ambient air deviates from the oxygen content of normal atmospheric air (20.9% O2), Gas Mixture Calibration Standard for TC (Calibration Gas) may be used.

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