Informational Videos:

Part 1 – Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes – The complexity. By Prof. R. Hinchliffe.

Part 2 – Assessing Diabetic Foot Ulcers – The WIfI classification. By Prof. R. Hinchliffe.

Part 3 – Non-invasive tests to evaluate PAD in patients with diabetes. By Prof. R. Hinchliffe.

Part 4 – Peripheral Arterial Disease – Signs & Symptoms. By Prof. R. Hinchliffe.

PeriFlux 6000 Peripheral pressure made intelligent.
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Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 1 – What We Are Measuring.

Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 2 – Assessing Wound Healing Potential.

Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 3 – Screening for Vascular Disease.

Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 4 – Predicting Amputation Level.

Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 5 – Predicting Benefit from HBO Therapy.

Transcutaneous Oximetry – Part 6 – tcpO2 as a Guide to Decision Making.

Raynaud video – Thursday, January 12, 2016. Courtesy of Telepool.

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