Instructional Videos:

PeriFlux 6000
Combined System
Instructional Video

Featuring the PeriFlux 6000
Combined System

ESVS/Perimed Video
Prof. Pirkka Vikatmaa
Helsinki University Hospital

PeriFlux 6000 –
A closer look at SPP

PeriCam PSI
Clinical Burns

PeriCam PSI Unpacking Instructions

PeriFlux 6000 – Start-up and
tcpO2 Electrode Calibration

PeriFlux 6000 –
tcpO2 Site Preparation

PeriFlux 6000 – tcpO2 Monitoring

PeriFlux 6000 – Provocations during
tcpO2 measurements

PeriFlux 6000 –
tcpO2 Electrode Maintenance

Perfusion as screening tool for wound assessment – Dr. Caroline Fife MD, FAAFP, CWS

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