DICOM and HL7 connectivity solutions for PeriFlux 6000


All PeriFlux 6000 systems (Pressure, tcpO2 and Combined) are clinical medical instruments for assessment and monitoring. They generate accurate high-quality measurement results, and the results are presented in a report, usually in PDF format.

PeriFlux 6000 has the capability to export these results to other systems in your hospital, e.g. your hospital information system (HIS), your medical records system, your patient administration system/booking system or your Picture Archive (PACS). The standards for this connectivity are DICOM and HL7.

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is dedicated mainly to medical
imaging, while HL7 (Health Level 7) handles more general aspects of medical data processing and management. Both standards may co-exist in a hospital system.

In addition to using HL7 and DICOM, the report may simply be saved to any server in the hospital data network.

PeriFlux 6000 and DICOM

If your hospital system, for example a RIS (Radiological Information System) supports DICOM connection, the PDF report from PeriFlux 6000 may be exported as an image, together with patient and examination information.

In addition, PeriFlux 6000 supports the Modality Worklist function, which transfers patient information from the HIS/RIS system. This minimizes the risk of mixing up patients, compared to entering the patient information manually in the PeriFlux 6000.

PeriFlux 6000 and HL7

If HL7 connection is supported in your hospital system, Perimed’s HL7 integration package can be used to connect the PeriFlux 6000 to the HIS/RIS. There are three options for export of the PeriFlux 6000 results:

1. As structured measurement values
This option is suitable when you need to process the data results afterwards, for example to:
• make post-calculations on specific values
• classify the examinations
• monitor observations
This option requires that the receiving system has been prepared with specific fields for the PeriFlux 6000 measurement values.

2. As a preformatted text object
This option is suitable when the receiving system can only display all the examinations results preformatted as one text object. It is useful when the receiving system only has one field where external data can be placed.

Example of selected texts and values transferred to one field in a HIS

3. As a well formatted PDF

This option is suitable if the PDF format is desired, but the receiving system does not have a DICOM connection.

For a seamless workflow, the export of results via HL7 may be combined with the DICOM Modality Worklist function described above, if your hospital system supports both protocols.

Examination report - DICOM and HL7

Example of an examination report in pdf format


DICOM export and Worklist are fairly simple to implement, using a SW configuration tool in PeriFlux 6000.

The HL7 standard is complex and offers many different functions; to make sure our basic HL7 option matches your needs your IT department should be involved and go through our Conformance statement. An implementation usually requires custom made changes in the PeriFlux 6000 Software, the HIS software, and the hospital infrastructure, and discussions between your IT department, the hospital system supplier and Perimed are needed to define who is responsible for the different parts of the implementation.

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