PeriFlux 6000 Pressure System

Our sensitive laser Doppler technique provides accurate toe pressure measurements. By adding the SPP technique, a more comprehensive wound healing assessment can be obtained. All pressure tests are easy and fast to perform thanks to our user-friendly software and intuitive labeling.

High-quality diagnosis of limb circulation

Superior sensitivity with laser Doppler

Extendable with SPP or tcpO2  modules

Tests include:
Toe pressure measurement perfected—laser Doppler probe with unique heating function.

Cold feet can make it difficult to get good and accurate toe pressure values. Vasoconstriction of the small vessels in the toes can give lower values than a warm foot would. Therefore, we developed our unique heated probe for toe pressure measurement that provides local heat and stimulates vasodilation. This feature is also excellent when it comes to reproducibility.
The laser can read non-pulsatile flow, essential when trying to differentiate between peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and critical limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) patients.

Better wound healing assessment with SPP

SPP values reflect the local microcirculatory blood pressure. It is measured by placing and inflating a cuff over the measurement site, then slowly deflating it and registering at what cuff pressure the microcirculatory blood perfusion returns. The blood perfusion is detected using a laser Doppler probe. SPP value reliability is independent of the presence of calcified vessels. Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) is a supplemental test, using the same pressure cuffs, that provides further information about the status of the large vessels for determining severity of vascular disease, if present.

Easy to use

The user-friendly software provides easy, step-by-step instructions to guide the user throughout the examination. Data is always stored and can be backed up automatically.

Simultaneous arm pressure

As an option, PeriFlux 6000 – Pressure can be equipped for measurement of the systolic arm pressure while simultaneously measuring toe or ankle pressure. This feature allows for the most accurate index calculation, such as ABI or TBI—particularly interesting when performing an exercise ABI or treadmill test. It is well-known that different patients can have both increasing or decreasing systolic blood pressure during exercise, a condition that is revealed by measuring the arm pressure and ankles at the exact same time.

Six pressure outlets, quiet pump

Each of the six individual pressure outlets can be set to individual pressures to allow for an accurate and user-friendly examination while simultaneously reducing unnecessary discomfort for the patient. For more advanced users, it is possible to change the deflation rate during a recording to allow for higher sensitivity.

Network connectivity with DICOM or HL7

As an option you can choose to connect the instrument to the hospital’s information system to receive patient data or store the examination report. It is a good idea to store examination data in a safe digital solution on your hospital server. This eliminates the need to print or scan the patient’s examination report and everything can be handled digitally.

  • PeriFlux 6000 Pressure System


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Instructional Video for the PeriFlux 6000 Combined System
ESVS Educational Video – Professor Maarit Venermo

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