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Heat Controlled Laser Doppler

Heat combined with laser Doppler can be used to determine the viability of tissue and the degree of microcirculatory impairment. Thermostatic laser Doppler probes allow for precise heating of the tissue at the measurement site. The increase in blood perfusion as a response to local heating indicates tissue reserve capacity and endothelial function. These are important parameters for predicting healing and determining amputation level.

Endothelial Dysfunction

Heat controlled laser Doppler is an increasingly used method to study the endothelium and assess the subject’s endothelium dependent and endothelium independent vasodilation when subjected to local heating.

Heat controlled laser doppler - illustration

Illustration showing how to assess the skin microcirculation using a heated probe

Endothelial dysfunction illustration

PeriFlux 6010 LDPM unit

The PeriFlux 6010 LDPM unit (laser Doppler perfusion unit) is a combined laser Doppler unit, and temperature control unit. In combination with the thermostatic probe 457, it can be used to study the response to local heating.


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